5 Benefits of College Student Attendance Software

What’s the significance of running a college if the students don’t attend the lectures? Student attendance is one of the major and most important aspects of managing an educational institution. You need to get your hands on a college student attendance software to keep a proper record of student attendance across various lectures.

Let’s discuss various benefits of the software-

Reduced Hassles

This software automates the tasks of marking attendance. It takes as little as 60 seconds to mark the attendance as compared to 10 minutes in case of manual attendance. Also, the software keeps proper records of the attendance of each student so that it becomes easy and convenient for you to find out the details of a particular student(s).

Increased Accuracy

Not only is the cumbersome process of marking students’ attendance made simpler and easier but also accurate. The software ensures accurate data entries, prevents duplication and reduces paperwork.

Automatic Report Generation

Using the attendance management software ensures accurate report generation on a click. These reports are necessary to decide which of the students are eligible to appear for the examination and which of the students are liable to pay a fine for short attendance.

Accurate Analytics

The software generates accurate analytics that helps you analyze the performance of all the students individually. This is particularly necessary for observing the manner/trend in which the student has attended or missed the lectures.

Higher ROI

By automating the tasks of marking student attendance, you save huge costs, both in terms of time and money. The saved resources can be used more efficiently to enhance the productivity of your college.

Campus Edge is not only a college student attendance software but a complete College Management System Software that automates all the managerail and administrative tasks of your college. If you want to avail all the aforementioned benefits, purchase the software today. For details, you may browse our official website.

Campus Edge- The Best ERP Software

ERP software

Are you baffled by managing all the departments separately? Do you wish to automate your administrative and management system? Do you want transparent operations and better communication? If you nodded your head in a yes to all of these questions or even to one of them, then you are at the right lace.

Best ERP Software Services

Campus Edge is the best ERP software, empowered by Solitaire Infosystems, which reduces the manual efforts of any institution. It enables different departments to share information, communicate, and coordinate with each other.

This ERP software is available as-

  • School Management Software
  • Institute Management Software
  • College Management Software

It has the inbuilt database backup facility that ensures safety and reliability. Campus Edge is an amazing tool for marketing and streamlines the workflow of administration and academia.

Following are the modules associated with Campus Edge-

  • e-Admission- Admission Management-
  • e-Enquiry- Student Enquiry Management
  • e-Fee Manager- Fee Management
  • e-Accountant- Financial Accounting
  • e-Planner- Timetable Management
  • e-Attendance Tracker- Attendance Management
  • e-HR Manager- Workforce
  • e-Payroll Manager- Payroll Management
  • e-Library- Library Management
  • e-Examination- Examination Management
  • e-Cyber- Cyber Campus & e-News- News Management
  • e-Hostel- Hostel/Dormitory Management

Don’t worry! There is nothing to be worried about. The software is easy to use, learn, and implement.

Our ethical approach and regular communication with the clients are the key factors that make us stand out from the crowd of our competitors.

You can get in touch with us on our official website and know in detail about various services we offer. Connect with us to outpace the risks and evolve your businesses. We ensure you that you will never be disappointed with our services.

Ease Academic Hassles with the School Management Software in Chandigarh

What is it that offers your school system a complete breakthrough in advancement? The answer is automation of administrative and managerial activities.

School Management Software in Chandigarh


Campus Edge, powered by Solitaire Infosystems, is the best School Management Software in Chandigarh which aims at easing the administrative hassles and enhancing productivity and efficiency.

We are sure that your school has comprehensive subjects and complex exam pattern, thus, it is of paramount importance for you to go digital. Our ERP software offers the following benefits-

  • Reduces the tasks of your administrative department.
  • Generates e-reports on a click of a button and help you go paperless.
  • Manages your library functions such as finding, searching, issuing, and returning books.
  • Keeps teachers, students, and parents in a constant loop of connectivity.
  • Manages hostel fee, room allocations, and de-allocations.

We are a cloud-based solution that provides you with agile solutions which can be tailored as per your requirements.

There may be times when your school might have faced certain challenges due to lack of communication. Campus Edge realizes that in order to thrive your school management you need a unified communication system.

Wondering where to get it? You are just one step behind. Connect with us and we will assist you in achieving your desired results.

Campus Edge is a fully customizable School Management Software in Chandigarh that helps you in managing all the academic and administrative tasks under a single integrated system. It is user-friendly and easy to learn and implement.

Buy our ERP software and manage the entire campus operations and administration conveniently. We guarantee to offer you 100% satisfaction.