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College Management System Software

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Campus Edge is application software that runs on a shared database and enables different departments of the college to communicate, coordinate, and share data & information with each other. We understand how tedious it is for any college to maintain the records of details of the students manually. Therefore, Campus Edge provides powerful and user-friendly College Management System software.



  • It helps you to easily sync and manage students, teachers, non-teaching staff, and more in your college.
  • Various tasks like student enquiries, registrations, admissions, and fee collection are best managed by using this ERP software.
  • The timetable, library, attendance, examination, campus, and canteen of the academia, all utilities are managed under single software. This saves time and reduces manual efforts.
  • All the administrative processes are run plausibly.
  • The software doesn’t only manage teeny-tiny activities of the college but also ensures support, retrieval, and efficacy of data.

Features/ Modules of the Software

  • Admission Management: Helps in having a clear visibility on students’ profiles. This ERP software makes the admission easy, faster, and paperless using online forms.
  • Student Enquiry Management: Helps in solving different queries of the students. The software also allows to take follow ups from the students regarding their queries.
  • Fee Management: Keeps the records of the payments done, due payments, and gives an online receipt for every transaction.
  • Financial Accounting: Maintains vouchers, daybook, cash book, and bank book.
  • Timetable Management: Does interactive timetable generation and keeps a track of class-wise lectures.
  • Attendance Management: Keeps track of students, teachers, and other staff’s attendance.
  • HR Management: Keeps the online records of employees.
  • Payroll Management: Maintains records of salaries and other allowances and deductions.
  • Library Management: Tracks operations in books, member card issues, etc.
  • Examination Management: Manages exam flow and generates online report cards.
  • Cyber Campus & News Management: Online reports can be checked by logging in to the account.
  • Hostel Management: Room allocations/de-allocations, and fee management are managed under this module.

Why Do We Need This?

To keep in pace with the advancing technology and growing competition, where time constraints are a major issue, this College Management System software alleviates the problems by managing all the tasks of the college campus online.