Ease Academic Hassles with the School Management Software in Chandigarh

What is it that offers your school system a complete breakthrough in advancement? The answer is automation of administrative and managerial activities.

School Management Software in Chandigarh


Campus Edge, powered by Solitaire Infosystems, is the best School Management Software in Chandigarh which aims at easing the administrative hassles and enhancing productivity and efficiency.

We are sure that your school has comprehensive subjects and complex exam pattern, thus, it is of paramount importance for you to go digital. Our ERP software offers the following benefits-

  • Reduces the tasks of your administrative department.
  • Generates e-reports on a click of a button and help you go paperless.
  • Manages your library functions such as finding, searching, issuing, and returning books.
  • Keeps teachers, students, and parents in a constant loop of connectivity.
  • Manages hostel fee, room allocations, and de-allocations.

We are a cloud-based solution that provides you with agile solutions which can be tailored as per your requirements.

There may be times when your school might have faced certain challenges due to lack of communication. Campus Edge realizes that in order to thrive your school management you need a unified communication system.

Wondering where to get it? You are just one step behind. Connect with us and we will assist you in achieving your desired results.

Campus Edge is a fully customizable School Management Software in Chandigarh that helps you in managing all the academic and administrative tasks under a single integrated system. It is user-friendly and easy to learn and implement.

Buy our ERP software and manage the entire campus operations and administration conveniently. We guarantee to offer you 100% satisfaction.